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With hundreds of years of experience, Precision Technologies, Inc (PTI), has been selling and servicing machine tools throughout the United States and have been partnering with strategic companies from North America, Europe and Asia since 2006.  PTI is headquartered in Englewood, TN.

We continuously introduce solutions to provide our customers with the highest quality of precision machine tools.  Our goal is to develop a machining process that improves quality while reducing production time and waste, so as to increase your profitability.

We supply CNC machine tools, rebuilds and retrofits, application solutions, service, and more, to a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, medical, oil and gas drilling, power generation, and transportation.  We also specialize in the re-manufacture of existing machine tools, grinding and chip cutting, to minimize investment and improve machining processes.

Our mission is your machining productivity.

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Top Four Reasons You Should Replace Machinery

Machinery is one of the largest capital investments of manufacturers.  Manufacturers try to get as much use as possible out of their machines and at times they wait too long before replacing it, leading to lost profits and increase down time.  We at Precision...

New Website

Precision Technologies Inc is exited to launch our new website.  We hope that this website will be a means to inform and educate those looking to purchase machinery and as a greater resource for our clients. If there is something that you would like to see added to...

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