Ger has been Providing solutions since 1952, and since its inception more than six decades ago, GER has been dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of precision grinding machines.

They currently provide grinding solutions based on five machine families for grinding flat and cylindrical surfaces—whether vertical or horizontal.  Ger’s grinders cover capacities ranging from the smallest to parts of 6,000 mm in length to 6 Tm in weight.



GER offers machines with multiple automation possibilities adapted to the customer’s needs for high production. The type of loading of the parts is adapted to the specifications of the part:

  • Gantry type chargers with flexibility for multi-component charging
  • Integration of robot into the machine—designed for production cells
  • Custom chargers


The family of universal grinding machines is perfect for the cylindrical and tangential grinding of revolution parts. For example, gears, bearings, turbines, or crankcases of large engines are typical in naval, power generation, or wind sectors. They are also used for manufacturing parts of great specific weight that are difficult to grind in horizontal fastening due to their weight or the weight of their tooling.

Up to 1,800 mm maximum grinding diameter.


GER offers you special machinery for turnkey applications. We make applications for both cylindrical parts and flat parts, continuously adapting to the client’s needs.

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