machines for milling

CNC Milling Machines

A milling machine removes material from a work piece by rotating a cutting tool (cutter) and moving it into the work piece. CNC Milling machines, either vertical or horizontal, are usually used to machine flat and irregularly shaped surfaces and can be used to drill, bore, and cut gears, threads, and slots.

Because CNC (computer numeric control) machines use computer programming to produce precision parts, you get a high degree of accuracy for your complex projects. Our machines offer the best in precision milling to suit your applications, and we are able to service your machine as well.

Horizontal Boring Mills, bed-type, floor-type, and table type

Bridge, Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical Turn, and Horizontal Turn

Making Milling Machines with a Tradition of Exceeding Expectations

Gantry 3-4-5 Axis, Bed Type, Moving Column, OH Gantry, Bridge, 3-4-5 axis, Hi-Speed

For complex manufacturing applications