rebuild and retrofit machines


Over time, your machines will experience wear and tear. We can service your machine to bring it back to it’s original design specification, reducing down time to you can get back to work.

Sometimes, rebuilding of a machine tool is necessary with updates retrofitted to maintain best standards. Retrofitting a machine is to furnish with new or modified parts or equipment not available or considered necessary at the time of manufacture. We stay familiar with industry standards and can keep your machines running well.

Some customers might have a custom-manufactured machine designed specifically for their needs. Even if we did not build your machine, we have decades of experience to perform servicing, rebuilding or repairing on your unique machine.

We service all types of CNC machines, lathe turners, grinders, and more. Call us today to get stated or get your questions answered.

Maintenance to complete machine rebuilds and retrofits.

Complete Solutions for Large Metal Cutting, Grinding, Special, Fanuc, and Siemens.