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EDM Network

EDM NETWORK, INC. is the exclusive importer and support center for the CHMER and AMS Tech high precision EDM’s. CHMER is Taiwan’s largest EDM builder and one of the largest EDM builders in the world. Having started operations in 1975, they are also one of the oldest EDM manufacturers.

In addition, they build only Dust Free Graphite and hard metal High-Speed Mills. And if you need a Specially configured EDM, they will make it.

EDM Network and Chmer joined forces in 2000 and worked together for over 18 years to establish the Chmer name in the US Edm marketplace. Our largest US customer has over 100 Chmer Edms in operation.


Electrical Discharge Machine/EDM

EDM is a thermal process for removing unwanted material by applying cycled discharging sparks in the gap between an electrode and a conductive workpiece. This method is typically used for machining refractory metals and hard materials, which are difficult to machine with conventional machining techniques.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a type of CNC machine. It is a non-traditional machining process based on removing material from a part by means of a series of repeated electrical discharges between tools, called electrodes, and the part being machined in the presence of a dielectric fluid.

Also known as as “spark machining” or “die sinking”, EDM’s basically molds workpieces into certain shapes with electrical sparks.

Subtypes of EDM include:

– Wire EDM: Wire EDM uses spark erosion to remove portions from an electronically conductive material.
– Sinker EDM: Sinker EDM utilizes an electrode and workpiece soaked in dielectric fluid for the purpose of piece formation.