mighty viper grinding
Mighty USA continues as a leading machine tool builder and worldwide machinery distributor, established in 1981, with corporate headquarters strategically located on the west coast in Southern California.

The company has a wide range of CNC machining centers that are able to satisfy the most demanding standards for precision metal cutting applications. Whether horizontal boring or fine surface cutting– Mighty USA has a machine to get, the job done. Their machines that give year-after-year operation and result in a high return-on-investment for our customers.

Viper PRO bridge

The Viper PRO bridge offers versatile and powerful machine performance. Multi-purpose cutting, all-around machining. High-performance spindle. Excellent for cutting large die mold, and fine surfaces. Great for a job shop environment!

Viper PMC bridge

The Viper PMC bridge mill models x122, x127, and x131 machining centers
are manufactured with a larger Y-axis, providing a wider worktable surface.
Heavy-duty linear guideways on XYZ axes yield rigid and stable cutting.

Viper PMX bridge

The Viper PMX bridge mill provides a fully automated 5-face
machining capability with multiple heads. PMX combines multiple
spindle heads that change automatically. Spindle head choices:
90° angle head, and universal head.

PMW bridge mill

The PMW bridge mill provides five-face machining, 34and features a variable height (W-axis) crossrail, that allows the operator to vary spindle-to-table distance. Extend overall work envelope height with adjustable W-axis for enhanced
five-face machining.

Increasing spindle-to-table distance on conventional fixed crossrail bridge mill can compromise spindle stability with adjustment of W-axis. Allows for easier access to core and cavity mold spaces—too short and tall work envelopes.