zayer milling machines

High Level Metalworking

We develop and manufacture all of our machine tools in-house. You can count on stability of the machine layout, its design advantages, and through the effective interaction of machine and tool technology.

At this time, MAIER is the only European specialist for CNC long-turning machines.

Long or short turning machines – with Maier you achieve the greatest possible productivity and you also attain new dimensions of precision. We are always delighted to advise you, and can help you to implement the requirements of your customers.

Maier C6

  • Basic machine with 9 axes
  • C-axes on main spindle and counter-spindle each fully NC
  • Additional mechanical indexing of the spindles (5°)
  • Pneumatic ejector for parts, max. 100 mm
  • Electronic handwheel with program check
  • Synchronous guide bush unit
  • Coolant pump, 1.5 bar and 240 l/min
  • 32m/min fast speed on all axes
  • Pneumatic parts slide and workpiece conveyor belt
  • Stable, vibration-free machine base made of polymer concrete

Maier Proline A-F

Simple, precise and economical.

Models A-F may include

  • 4-16 axes
  • Up to 23 tools
  • 4-fold machining of reverse side assures minimal downtime.
  • Drilling rig with up to 4 powered tools
  • 3-part system: 3 tools in operation simultaneously

Maier Proline Hybrid/Basic

Whether simple or complex workpieces, ProLine HYBRID/BASIC can satisfy even the highest of standards. The MLK 32/36 Hybrid and the ML 20/26 Basic have a wide range of machining options – all at an unbeatable price! The machine has a rod-loading magazine
(Ø 3-36 mm) and a swarf conveyor.

System 1 main spindle

  • 5 turning blanks 12×12 mm / 4 turning blanks 16×16 mm
  • 4 powered tools, transverse (including spindles)
  • Cranked drill holder for the face end and/or the reverse side 5 x Ø 20 mm / 3x Ø 25 mm added (simultaneous machining is possible)
  • C-axis on main spindle

System 2 counter-spindle

  • Machining of reverse side with 4-fold powered tool carrier or with additional Y2 axis with 8 tools, of which up to 4 are powered
  • C-axis on counter-spindle

Powered machining of reverse side

  • 4 tool positions on the reverse side to reduce primary time, with the option of a Y2 axis with 8 tools, of which 4 are powered

Drill carrier

  • With option of 3 powered transverse tools and 3 front-end powered tools