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Remanufacturing, Rebuilding, Retrofitting

Unlock the hidden value that is in your machine shop! We provide only the best Retrofitting, Refurbishing and Rebuilding Services of your metal cutting machine tools.


“To furnish with new or modified parts or equipment not available or considered necessary at the time of manufacture”

In machine tools this most commonly refers to the electrical part of the machine. This includes the control, whether CNC or PLC, and the motors and drives.


“To restore to a previous state”

Machine tools wear out over time. Rebuilding of a machine tool will bring it back to its original design specification. At DiPaolo, we reference the original accuracy charts of the machine in our quotes and in our acceptance criteria.


“To manufacture into a new product”

In essence, a combination of retrofitting and rebuilding, we take the best parts of ‘old iron’ and marry it to new state of the art technology.


Our rebuilding business is a very unique machine shop specializing in large parts. We serve many industries including: Machine Tool, Power Generation, and Mining.

Our team of highly skilled machinists deliver high quality, high accuracy components made of fabrications, castings, and polymer concrete.